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The best program

for your kids

- Engaging Ohio Approved Curriculum

- Stimulating, Clean & Safe Environment

- Warm, Knowledgeable & Caring Provider

- Learn & Play Childcare Center

- Free Screenings & Assessment

- Individualized Lesson Plans

- 4 Star Rated with Step Up To Quality


Building Confidence

When children are confident, they feel secure in who they are. They are more likely to stand up for themselves, ask for help, self motivate themselves to take on new challenges and cope with and learn from mistakes.

Creative Expressions

Creative experiences can help children express and cope with their feelings. It also encourages mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving.

Interaction Based Method

Quality interactions are important for a children's learning and development. Birth - 5 years are a time of rapid growth physically, cognitive, social-emotionally and brain development. Our program supports children's learning and development through a quality physical and social environment.

Real World Learning


A few ways that we have created innovative learning spaces for the children is through positive mindset, daily self-reflection, asking open-ended questions, flexible learning environments, space for all types of learners, problem-finding methods and implementing a design-thinking process for the students enrolled into our program.

Learn to listen
to sounds

Children are exposed to language and sounds throughout their first interactions at birth. We stress the importance of socialization with children for their developing understanding of  spoken language and expressive language development, and speech sound development to communicate their needs, wants and feelings.

Learn to speak
simple words

Through engaging one-on-one conversations, open-ended questions, a print-rich environment, story-time, books in each center, nursery rhymes, phonemic awareness, group interactions your child will be exposed to language to build their vocabularies.

Learn to read 

simple texts

We promote beginning reading in our students by a continuation and layering of the first building blocks of having a print-rich environment, access to reading material, "dialogic" reading, reading comprehension and fluency. These methods provides a window into a world of literacy that your child is about to enter.

Learn to 

write alphabets

From early on children want to write, the scribbles and marks on paper are their way to express thoughts, ideas, feelings and to recall stories and events. Through alphabet knowledge, concepts of print, decoding, fine motor development opportunities, letter recognition, phonological awareness , print awareness and reading comprehension your child is equipped with the skills needed to write.

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Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.


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